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Dear Customers!

Breslavia has currently started
a one-month break and accepting of the new orders is suspended until the 1st of July (schedule is posted in previous post)!

Don’t worry – all the previously placed orders are being proceeded.

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Dear Customers,

For the last 6 years Breslavia was my beloved hobby/side job, but now, when I’m about to start the new stage in my life after the end of the university, I will need to focus on much different tasks than leatherworking (okay, only a bit different, as surgeon work is still a bit about cutting and sewing…).

That’s why I need to inform you, that 30th of September 2024 will be the last day of Breslavia as a business and after this date the ordering system will be shutted down and the website archived.

However, before that date Breslavia will be still working, but with the new ordering system and drastically changed working schedule!

Only until the end of MAY I’m accepting ALL of the orders for the items from my full offer, in any needed quantities. All of those orders will be realized during upcoming months, up to the September. If you want to be sure you will be able to order the specific items – hurry up and order them in May

After the May Breslavia will turn into new working schedule – month of collecting orders and working, then month of shutdown for realizing the previously placed orders, then again the month of collecting… etc. etc.

Okay, so what differs the May from the upcoming „months of collecting orders”? The major difference is that I will not accept every placed order – I will choose only those which I will be able to realize in time or depending of the availability of the hardware in my stock. So once again – placing an order in May ensures you the ordered items.


During the last years I had a lot of ideas for the new items, but never had the time to make even the prototype. Thats why during the summer months of shutdown I will prepare stocks of the totally new items, ready to be bought and shipped during next month. There will be surely some of my specialities, like canteen hardware or restored canteens too, but I can also promise some absolutely unique stuff which will be surely liked!



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  • New article in WW1 Germany Belts” Leather tab for buckle
  • New photos of all of the articles in WW1 Germany “Belts” section

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  • New article in WW1 Germany Belts” Schutztruppe belt
  • New photos of all of the articles in WW1 Germany “Canteen accessories” section

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