As a WW1/WW2 reenactor by myself, I was always aiming for the highest possible historical accuracy and quality of my reenactment gear, which I believe, is the bread and butter of every impression and this hobby.

In search of the best stuff which I can use on a reenactment field, I have started increasing my own collection of WW1/WW2 militaria, just to compare original and reproduction items. It was a really good move – I’ve quickly realized, that most of the gear on a market was far beyond the quality of the original items, very often also being absolutely unacceptable “substitutes” due to the number of mistakes and historical inaccuracies.

This is how I’ve started my adventure with production of own historical reproductions, free of the mistakes and copied with every detail from original items from my own collection. As a happy maker, owner and user of Breslavia stuff, I’m pretty sure, that every reenactor looking for highest possible historical accuracy will enjoy it as much as I do.


  • Every item in my offer was made after an original example, which I own by myself or at least I’ve owned for measurments and inspection. If not, then you will find an information about the source in the item description.
  • “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail ” said Leonardo da Vinci. We believe in those words too, that is why we are using 100% accurate hardware, mostly our own production, as very often it is absolutely no available on a market. Using WW2 dedicated hardware for WW1 is not an option for us!
  • From time to time, some of our items might be updated. It’s not because they were wrong – sometimes we just got bored of making over and over the same, sometimes we acquire more “our favourite year” or “our favourite local manufacturer” item, sometimes we choose other, more popular option. Items might change, but their accuracy in Breslavia is forever!