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Right after the Italian Armistice in 1943, German Army captured huge amounts of the Italian camo fabric known as the M29 Telo mimetico, to use for their own purposes. Various uniforms pieces were produced not only by the field tailors, but also local crafters and official manufacturers. Among them, one of the most common were the trousers with very characteristic thigh pocket (or even two!).

After the long study of the period photographs and the exisiting originals, I have finally finished this iconic German trousers made of the captured Italian M29 camo fabric. The Breslavia’s pattern consist of the many period correct details carefully chosen from the original pieces, to create not only the 100% accurate but also the „generic” final look, i.e.:

  • belt loops, which allow you to use your favourite cloth/leather belt (you can also sew the buttons for the suspenders if you want!)
  • comfortable, big side pockets and the back pocket for your personal stuff,
  • NO doubtful fastening systems on the sides or on the back. Yes yes – most of the repro producers have them in their patterns, but I haven’t found those in most of the studied originals, so they are not here too. Also if you want to have a correct fastening system, you also need a period correct buckles, not the modern ones which are used by everyone!
  • Legs are ended with the cuffs wide enough to be converted to tied by the string or tape. Just make two holes and run the string inside the cuff!
  • Characteristic thigh pockets – one of the iconic details of the Telo mimetico German trousers. Here you can buy the variant with two pockets, but I’m offering also with the one!

The trousers itself were sewn using the patterns of the “WW2 German cut”, with the period correct tailoring methods (no modern overlock!), finished with the original WW2 Italian zelt buttons. Obviously they are 100% cotton and the camo print is also Breslavia’s production from the latest run, printed on heavy cotton twill (fabric weight 280 g/m2), so they are extremly durable.

All of the trousers are MADE ON ORDER ONLY – there is no stock and there will never be. They are crafted by the professional tailor, not me directly, so the awaiting time is different than for the Breslavia’s equipment. How long you will need to wait for the trousers? It depends of the current number of orders, but remember – the sooner you order, the better.

As they are made on order, there is a possibility of the customization, like additional pockets, fastening straps, more buttons, bigger size, shorter legs, etc. etc. Some of them will be for free, some will need an additional payment. Just feel free to ask in the ordering e-mail!

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