PRICE: 150$


Decima MAS smock was made basing on variety of detailed photos of extremly rare original examples and long study of soldiers’ period photographs.

Every single detail, seam or button hole was copied from the original, aswell as the Telo fabric and it’s heavy cotton twill weave, much different than the fabric used for th shelter halves and very exclusive for the pre-1943 Italian camouflage uniforms (the fabric itself, sold by meter, you can find on Breslavia’s website too)!

Telo pants (they are not over-pants!) made of the same, matching fabric to the smock – the cut was based on Italian M41 pants, with some minor changes like pockets, to make them less-M41 and more local-unit-made, as there was no one offical, specific pattern. Fastened with the full set of original WW2 Italian buttons for shelter halves and with the loops for Italian belt. They are a bit longer than the „standard pants”, as there is a cuff on the end (with two straps for fastening) to tuck it into the boots and fold the leg over (like in every WW2 Italian pants). Anyway, there is also an option of ordering the straight-leg baggy trousers without the cuff.

VERY IMPORTANT: There is NO STOCK of the pants and there will never be. All of the items are made on order, so there will be obviously some awaiting time – shorter or longer, but there will be for sure. The pants are tailored by the professional tailor, so they are not in the same awaiting queue like rest of the Breslavia’s items.

  • heavy, 100% cotton twill, copied from the original Decima MAS smock
  • custom sewing for additional price