PRICE: 35 $


What is the main piece of every soldier’s equipment? Of course… the main belt! It is not only a must-have item, but also a symbol of the status, which should always shine and be the glory of a Soldat.

M1895 Koppel is the smooth-out leather military belt used before the introducing of the M1909 rough-out pattern. It was worn not only for parade Dunkelblau or Friedensrock dress (especially in black colour) but also during early stage of the WW1 among first and second line troops.

Breslavia’s belts are made of the high quality leather with the correct thickness (copied from original belts) with a lot of details like undercut of the edge and stamped length.

  • natural brown, dark brown, black available on order
  • our own reproduction of 100% real brass hook
  • any length on order
  • you don’t know what length do you need? Feel free to ask by e-mail for assistance
  • marked with the length of the belt
  • fully hand-made and hand-sewn, using natural linen stitch
  • highest quality European vegetable-tanned leather