PRICE: 45 $ per set


Complete leather harness, which you need to refurbish a pre-war / early war aluminium M1893 canteen. The set consist the full leather harness with our excusive reproduction of the cork stopper and hook used to attach the canteen to the breadbag (cover not included!). High quality leather is oiled and left in the natural colour, exactly as the originals from our collection.

Whole hardware, what means cork stopper and hook is our own exclusive handcraft production, so you don’t need to worry about its quality or historical accuracy. It is just the same, starting at its dimensions and ending on how it is attached and the same material used (i.e. stopper is partially aluminium with the brass loop).

  • set consist: leather harness + hook + dedicated M1893 cork stopper
  • natural brown (oiled)
  • our own handcraft reproduction of fully functional cork stopper, fitting to every M1893 bottle
  • correct, WW1 pattern dimensions
  • fully hand-made and hand-sewn, using natural linen stitch
  • highest quality European vegetable-tanned leather