PRICE: 16 $


One of the most important pieces used for WW1 German helmet renovation (both Pickelhaube and Stahlhelm) is the proper chinstrap – it’s not only a part which always catches an eye, but also helps to keep you helmet on a place. That’s why we are adding brand-new item to ouf offer – WW1 chinstraps for all of the helmets from Pickelhaube and Stahlhelm families, made exactly after our genuine example and the box full of genuine hardware.

Our metal parts were cut from the brass and steel plate (not casted!), depending of the chinstrap’s pattern and they are making the highest quality composition with the specially selected leather straps.

All of the three of the most popular period configurations are available, however we can make any other combination on order!.

  • blackened leather + brass hardware (early Pickelhaube), blackened leather + painted steel hardware (ersatz Pickelhaube), brown leather + painted steel hardware (M16 and M18) configurations available on order
  • fully hand-made and hand-sewn, using natural linen stitch
  • period correct length
  • our own reproduction of 100% real brass and painted steel hardware
  • highest quality European vegetable-tanned leather