PRICE: 39 $ per set (3)


Set of three of Mantelriemen (Tornisterriemen) are those pieces, which you use in every WW1 German impression: they are a „bread and butter” for the Early War, used to attach your coat and shelter half to the tornister, but also a must-have for constructing the Late War Sturmgepack. The Mantelriemens might look pretty inconspicuous, but trust me – they are a very visible part of the equipment, so it’s good to have good ones!

Our Mantelriemens are fully based on the genuine example made in 1916, so there is no fear, that they are not an authentic reproduction or a WW2 pattern with different dimensions, so commonly sold on a market.  The hardware is our own perfect repros made of steel and it’s not painted – don’t be tricked by other vendors, who are using gray-painted WW2 buckles and studs for their „WW1” straps. The Mantelriemens are sold in sets of three.

  • natural brown (oiled) or blackened version available on order
  • our own reproduction of 100% steel, not-painted buckle and stud copied from original
  • correct, WW1 dimensions
  • marked with producer ADALBERT RAU BRESLAU 1915
  • fully hand-made and hand-sewn, using natural linen stitch
  • highest quality European vegetable-tanned leather