PRICE: 3,50 $ (unpaited) / 4,50 $ (painted)


Iconic shape of the buckle is perfectly known by every Italian equipment collector. Those buckles were used in many type of the Italian equipment like backpacks, tornister, bags and equipment straps.

Even if they are really great, the 80 year old aluminium is often so terribly oxidized, that buckles are already broken or they are breaking in a parts during usage. So here are the spare ones you need!

Those buckles are made of the solid aluminium, cut from the thick sheets – they are not any fancy ZnAl casts, which will break when you wont expect it. Original buckles varied with some detailed dimensions, so I have picked one of them and perfectly copied with the accuracy to a single 1 mm in width, length and thickness.

You can choose between the unpainted ones (easy to paint using i.e. model kit paints) or already painted.