PRICE: 90 $


Italian assault bag’s original name is borsa per armi cavallo (translated to cavalry bag) was an equivalent of the assault backpacks among the mounted and motorized units like Blackshirts (MVSN), Bersaglieri or cavalry – all there, where the standard borsa tattica was impossble to use.

Even if it was inteded to wear on a shoulder, it has a hardware allowing it to wear as a small backpack. Internal pockets were designed to hold the ammunition clips and clearly visible loops on the front allowed the soldier to attach his messkit.

The offered assault bag comes in exceptional condition – it is literally brand new. The complete hardware (quite rare, especially the strap hooks) have 100% of original paint and the internal pockets were never buttoned up. The canvas is strong and has a mint colour without any fading. An only interference to the mint condition is the name of the owner written on the flap – “Geyer”.