PRICE: 29 $ per meter


After the years of waiting I have finally finished my experiments on Italian WW2 pattern of Telo Mimetico M29 pattern.

It tooks me several dozens of attempts and printing samples basing on the colours of my own mint condition Telo shelter halves, but I have finally 100% matched all three colours to the wartime palette.

Pattern #1, which I would like to introduce you today, is something what Italian reenactment was looking for years: it is the 100% heavy cotton twill Telo, which was used for all of the preRSI and RSI Italian camoflague smocks (like Decima), jackets and overalls. The twill weave can be easily seen i.e. on the photos of original Decima smock, which one I have added to this post as a comparison to mine.As I’ve written before, the colours are 100% matching to the early wartime dated Telo shelter halves. I’m adding few different photos of the SAME fabric – shades look a bit different, exactly as the original ones, depending the light (some photos I have made in full sun, some in shadow).

The wartime pattern of Telo camouflage was only ~95cm wide with the characteristic brown edges, which were cut off for the purpose of sewing clothing. As all of the modern printing companies are using only 150 cm wide fabric bales, all of the worldwide sellers added their own fantasy spots to make the original 95cm pattern to 150cm, what makes their repro absolutely inaccurate.My pattern of repro Telo is also totally 150 cm wide, but I have reworked it into two pieces– first ~90 cm wide strip is the original pattern of spots with the brown edges removed and it ends with the thin red line „separator”. Behind the „separator”, the original pattern is repeated until the end of the width (~65cm). All you need to do after the buing is to cut the fabric following the thin red „separator” and now you have 100% wartime pattern of camoflague.

VERY IMPORTANT: We don’t have ANY meters of fabric in stock and we won’t have. We are collecting orderswith payments and producing exact amount as ordered once a month or once a two months – we need to have a minimal amount for the production, so there is an awaiting time.

  • camouflage pattern made based on the original, computer scanned examples
  • every single spot is matching to the original – no fantasy at all
  • original 95cm of camo pattern
  • heavy, 100% cotton twill