PRICE: 29 $


Our covers not only fit perfectly like original WW1 production to the genuine bottles (all of the other vendor’s repros are too loose), not only got a real steel button but… we have also found a huge stock of 100% accurate brass press-buttons with traditional German military „flower” engraving! Don’t get fooled, all other vendors are using plain press-buttons, because they are very cheap and easy to find – we have done some research with our friendly collectors and museums and after examining ~40 genuine canteen covers we have found only 3! with plain press-buttons, still not being sure, that they are made for WW1 military market. Also, we have carefully chosen a proper corduroy textile and added ALL of the not-always-visible inner reinforcements, which we have found on genuine examples of the covers. All of those features makes our reproduction currently the best one in the world. As you can see, it fits perfect to our repros of simplified harness, which you can also find in our offer!

Harness is not included – to buy it, check our “simplified” harness in Canteen Accessories!

  • every cover is made-to-measure to the dimensions of customers bottle – don’t forget to ask about that!
  • perfectly fitting to our “simplified” harness
  • 100% natural corduroy, two colour available: brown and beige
  • “flower” engraving press-buttons
  • copied every reinforcement and seam