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WW2 Bersaglieri ammo pouches were the real mystery for the Italian reenactment society for a long years. A lot of people was wrong, thinking that they were similar to „classic” Carcano pouches, but made of brown leather and without the ring on the back, as the Bersaglieri didn’t wear the neckstraps. Luckily, the truth has been revealed by the Italian reenactment international society! The famous WW2 „Bersaglieri pouches” were the most often nothing else than converted single WW1 pouches for cyclists, worn in the sets of two. We have carefully studied this problem: acquired official dimensions from regulations, studied existing pouches from the private collections and collected tons of period photos and now we are sure, that it is what all the Bersaglieri reenactors need! 

  • correct, WW2 period grey-green (grigio-verde) colour
  • fully hand-made and hand-sewn, using natural linen stitch
  • highest quality European vegetable-tanned leather