PRICE: 20 $ per set


The major problem with the reenactment usage of the Italian M33 helmets is the correct chinstrap – there are plenty of wartime and identical-to-wartime postwar shells, but almost none of them got the leather chinstrap, as it was the only part of the helmet replaced with the canvas one during the postwar service. Looking for a helmet with the wartime chinstrap is rather pointless, as they are very expensive and the leather is very often not in any usable condition anymore. This is exactly why we decided to make this repro for you! Set of M33 helmet chinstrap with steel rivets, something what you absolutely need for the wartime M33 Italian helmet.

  • highest quality, vegetable-tanned European leather
  • g-v painted steel buckle
  • professional, g-v leather paint on both sides
  • handstitched using natural waxed thread
  • set of steel rivets, you need only a hammer to install the chinstrap on your helmet
  • fits every M33 helmet