PRICE: 13 $


All of the WW2 Italian Army trousers were used with the trouser belt – some of the patterns can’t be even buttoned without it,

I was lucky enough to find the very detailed technical conditions of this belt prepared for the manufacturers and here is the result of their strict following! Every single piece is made exactly according to the regulations – from the colour of width of the belt, to the size of the rivets.

The belt is made of the 100% cotton dyed to the grigio-verde colour. The metal rings are nickeled and unpainted (exactly as in the regulations), while custom-made metal ending is made of the aluminium, riveted and painted as in the originals. Belts were made only in one length – 112 cm, but obviously I can make any length you need (extra long sizes for the additional price).

Absolutely essential piece for every WW2 Italian impression!

  • 100% cotton g-v dyed strap
  • unpainted nickeled rings, painted aluminium custom-made ending and painted rivets
  • original historical length 112 cm, but you can order any length you need!